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    Lot and His Daughters (detail) by Lucas van Leyden (1494 - 1533) 

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    Map of Boston, USA | 1806

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  6. architectural-review:

    Architectural fantasy of the decaying building of the Cardiff Coal Exchange

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    The Muse Thalia
    Tempera and oil on poplar, 137 x 82 cm
    Szépmûvészeti Múzeum, Budapest

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    On this day in 1990, The movie, Goodfellas, is released in theaters.


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    Ferdinand Hodler

    Lake Geneva from Chexbres




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    Diana Taurasi


  14. flaglog:

    Bong County

    Another great Liberian flag here. Orange and pink are rare colours on their own and the two of them together are even rarer. Here the pink half is in the shape of a mountain range, giving the flag the look of a rugged landscape at sunset. The shield with the tools is a bit unnecessary but overall it looks great. 

    Flaglog straight up fucking with me these days. 


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