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    Robin Purcell

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  3. Best tumblr post ever.

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    Blood In The Water

    Revlon 510 Fire 

    Essie 765 Case Study

    Difficulty: 5/10

    I was going for a floral petal look, but this ain’t bad for a first stab. 


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    Marc Gasol — Memphis Grizzlies

    The dancing bear of my dreamz.




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    Vädersolstavlan (aka The Sun Dog Painting) 1630s by Jacob Heinrich Elbfas after a lost painting of the same name by Urban Målare or Urban Larsson, painted in 1535.

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  11. Hiroshi Nagai

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  12. literallysteph:

    hadn’t watched The Punk Singer until last night, much to 15-year-old me’s dismay. it was perfect, and now i want to write a funny letter to kathleen, covered in lisa frank stickers, just to say keep being you. 

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    R.I.P. Tony