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  3. flaglog:

    Vilches, since 2009

    "Vilches, The City of Quilters."


  4. masterpiecedaily:

    Jan van Goyen

    Winter Landscape



  5. Brooklyn Bridge Park

    New York, I was stuck 

    on a walk keeping track

    of the miracle green

    architectural concrete, 

    of Pier Six and of pylons:

    the filed brown molars 

    of industry — barf, 

    New York, kill me.

    I’m kidding, it wasn’t 

    so deep. I just wanted

    ice coffee, a whiskey,

    a dog and a baby, a whiskey, 

    or, ahem, one vita-exfoliant- 


    ice coffee. Ok, New York, kill me —

    your parks and your waterways, 

    sidewalks and bus stops, your 

    vistas and views, that fucking 

    thing that you do, don’t you chew 

    through my brainpan no more. 

    I knew nothing of hate ‘till your 

    bedbug embrace, ‘till I saw how

    you keep all your babes up too late.

    Now cross yourself, hands up, lay

    down, forget. Now I’m leaving, 

    I’m leaving you. Soon, but not yet. 



  7. nbacooldudes:

    Julius Erving — Philadelphia 76ers


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    Robin Purcell

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  11. Best tumblr post ever.

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  14. mycrappynailart:

    Blood In The Water

    Revlon 510 Fire 

    Essie 765 Case Study

    Difficulty: 5/10

    I was going for a floral petal look, but this ain’t bad for a first stab. 


  15. nbacooldudes:

    Marc Gasol — Memphis Grizzlies

    The dancing bear of my dreamz.